I love concepting and writing radio scripts. Casting and giving direction in-studio. All these spots represent my complete involvement in those areas.

NFL Showdown game

Cranium game - note the chemistry! You'd think they were married, right? Right?

Simmons Mattresses - Maxipedic Sale

Simmons Mattresses - "Earthquake"

This, and the other two below, are from the POV of a woman. Why a woman? Well, research showed that women buy mattresses.


All three won a Crystal Radio award. The presenter was a woman, who told me that she had once purchased a mattress herself!

Simmons Mattresses - "Conductor"

And what do conductors have to do with mattresses, you might ask.


Everything. They have everything to do with mattresses.  

Simmons Mattresses - "Clown"

There's nothing funny about a good night's sleep! A proper mattress is no laughing matter!


When I said those lines, the client just laughed and laughed. Clients like gentle, hammy jokes about their products..