These are part of an experiential pitch for the Ready Player One digital/blu-ray release. I collaborated on concepts with the Partner of AR firm, Super Toy Box.

Proof of concept of how Ready Player One IOI soldiers would look as they walk around selected Con areas in predetermined areas such as:
* Long hallways

* Behind red carpet ropes

* Sidewalks outside Comic-Con

* WB exhibition areas

To ensure sharing via social media, attendees who use this AR filter would be invited to take selfies or pose next to these IOI soldiers for a chance to win a digital download or a copy of the 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray disc.

This was based on the Merge Cube from Ready Player One. It would've been an exclusive giveaway for those who pre-registered for the Con, and highly limited, making it an instant collectible.

Each side of the cube featured unique animations and iconic scenes related to the movie, along with a code for a discounted digital or Blu-ray purchase.